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We are the chosen brand for Australia’s leading businesses.

So, you’ve made it this far. Some imporant things you should know:


Melbourne SEO is an independently owned and operated Australian search consultancy company.


Our Melbourne SEO team is made up of highly qualified SEO experts, SEO Analysts, SEO link builders, SEO Copywriters and SEO Campaign Managers.


We will undertake your project if we believe that we are able to guarantee success (Top Google Rankings)


Our SEO team has worked on more than 1500 Australia wide SEO Campaigns.

Does your company need a more effective online marketing strategy to increase your online presence? At Melbourne SEO we strive to surpass the limits set by traditional advertising campaigns with our award winning and proven SEO strategies.

Our focus on SEO marketing has made us the top choice for many SME clients. We have an unbeatable track record for SEO, Pay-per click advertising, E-commerce as well as web designing that have increased the online success of companies Australia wide.

Melbourne SEO - WHY CHOOSE US?

Our wide variety of clients engage our SEO services from a range of professions and occupations, but they all have one unique characteristic they share - they’ve chosen Melbourne SEO – Australia’s number one Search Engine Optimisation Company to help direct increased traffic to their websites and improve their online revenue. Our professional team is dedicated to helping each and all of our respected clients accomplish their goal of having a more beneficial online presence. Our business can only be successful when your own business is successful.

The foremost objective of any prosperous online business should always be to increase the flow of potential customers, which will in turn increase your online revenue. At Melbourne SEO we can help you discover and acquire a greater number of prospective customers and can also show you the ideal way to convert visitors into shoppers. The amazing opportunities your website can provide your entire business is infinite. All you have to do is engage our established tools and techniques, and you’ll observe first hand, the progress we can offer your company.

Whether you’re managing a substantial organisation with a team of in house designers and online marketers, or a more modest operation, Melbourne SEO can help you have an improved presence on the Internet. In a number of cases it simply takes a fresh perspective to recognise ways of enhancing your website. We’ve been working with big businesses and enhancing top websites in a diverse range of industries for more than a decade, so we have the skills and experience required to get the most out of your company.

Our proud history of achievement has enabled Melbourne SEO to take numerous companies to a higher level by successfully ranking their websites in the top 3 results on the major search engines. Our pleased and profitable clientele have suggested our SEO services to their friends and associates and as a result we have been capable of improving their own Internet authority. As the search engines continually become more advanced and alter the way in which they locate pages online, we modify our own approach for the way we promote your website. It’s our aim to help your business mature to its greatest potential and to continue with the ever-changing requests of the online industry.


If you want to expand upon your online business’ position within the major search engines and ultimately increase your online revenue, consider our steps to success:

  • Preliminary assessment of your site and your target audience
  • Keyword/search term investigation
  • Competition Keyword/search term analysis
  • Site/page optimization
  • Directory/Search Engine submissions
  • Keyword Link strategies (Extremely Important!!)
  • Detailed Reporting

Engage a experienced SEO consultant to assist your business grow and prosper on and offline. Contact us today for a site review and initial strategy consulting.