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With the ever increasing amount of time a person spends on the internet, online marketing supersedes traditional marketing in so many ways. Think about this in terms of a prime billboard advertisement or an ad time during a premium television show. Placing your Advertisements at a prime spot on the internet ensures that your targeted audience will be aware of your presence.

Pay-per-click advertising
If you have already decided on the fixed amount that you would like to pay for per customer that clicks on your site. Pay per click advertising the marketing strategy for you!

Per-pay-click ensures that you only pay for customers that are already drawn to the goods/services that you provide. You do not need to pay any additional cost of the listing and promotion of the ads on the website.

Essentially, in traditional advertising sense, you are only paying for a customer who sees your advertisement and is interested in contacting you.

Melbourne SEO will help you to succeed in your Search Engine Marketing by:

  • Identifying the best keywords
  • Copywriting Your Ad Text
  • Monitoring the bidding process

At Melbourne SEO, we believe that it is important for you to be able to monitor the success of any of advertising campaigns. Here are some important information we will be providing to you –

1)      Explanation of your Conversion Rate.

The Conversion Rate shows you how many times your ad is shown on search engines. A normal conversion rate is between 2 to 3 percent per impression. Statistically, the higher you bid the more chance your ad’s appearance on the search engine has. This allows you to receive more projection and provides you with the traffic that you sought after.

2)      Tracking.

Tracking is the method to identify the best leads or sales. By using tracking, we help you identify the most hit keywords. You will also be able to track 'window shoppers’ or compulsive users. Tracking keeps you constant updates regarding progress of your ad, responses, payments update.

3)      Return-on-Investment (ROI).

ROI is the reporting of loss and profit on the ad campaign. It is a reflection of your cost and revenue. A set goal on your ROI helps you to monitor your advertising campaigns and to make improvements to improve your investment returns.