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SEO : The Process Explained

You may be wondering What is Search Engine Optimisation and What can SEO do for my website? Easy! Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the unique online marketing technique of improving all aspects of your website, including the HTML code and user content for the benefit of both your online visitors and the search engines spiders that index your site and rank it accordingly. Doing so will ensure your website ranks higher for particular search terms and phrases related to your business or organization.

Search Engine Optimisation also involves optimising your website’s title tags, meta description tags, incoming links, and navigational structure of your website so that it not only performs well for online users, but can also be found more prominently in major search engines such as Google.

Improve The Quality Of Your Website To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

It’s simple. The better your website, the better search engine results you can expect to achieve. At Melbourne SEO, we improve your entire online presence to ensure Internet users searching online for the exact product and service offerings of your organization, can find your site first! A comprehensive Internet solution from Melbourne’s Best Online Marketing Company will see your business’ online success improve out of sight.

More Traffic, More Leads, More Sales... Find Out How To Improve Your Online Ranking


SEO Keyword Research

Perhaps one of the most important stages in any online marketing or SEO campaign is keyword research, which includes identifying the most effective keywords or phrases that potential customers would use to search for the goods and services your type of business provides. As Melbourne’s Best SEO Company, we have the industry experience and online marketing expertise to recognize which keywords will prove to be most effective for your business or organization. An effective Online Marketing Strategy is based around in-depth keyword research to ensure a positive return on your investment.

Goal Setting

After determining the most effective keywords and phrases that work best for your business’ website, our expert team of SEO consultant will assess your existing market position to set realistic goals for you and your business. We also research your current competition in the search engines to identify the best search terms that will attract visitors to your site.

Our team of SEO specialists will identify when you can expect to see your website ranking prominently in organic search listings and extra options such as GoogleAdwords which can provide immediate rankings in the advertising section of Google’s results page. The goal setting and investigation process is important to help us see how your website can generate the maximum impact on the Internet with a comprehensive online marketing solution.

Some business owners expect to see immediate results with Search Engine Optimization, but this simply isn’t the case. Many websites can expect to see results in as little as one week or as long as a few weeks. If you are seeking more instantaneous results you may want to utilise a Pay Per Click (PPC) strategy such as Google Adwords while you wait for your site to soar to the top of organic search rankings.

Optimising On Page Content

Another of the most important techniques involved in the Search Engine Optimisation of a website, is improving the quality of the content (everything your visitors read on your site) making sure to include the most effective SEO keywords and phrases that we identified as suiting your business goals. Furthermore, SEO also involves the optimisation of website title tags, meta description tags for each page, alt tags, and making sure the text content of your website is both informative and unique.

Google wants to provide the best results to its online visitors, so by successfully optimising your website, you can ensure your website is seen as the best source of information for a particular product or service, and will therefore be rewarded with a more prominent listing on Google’s search engine results page. At Melbourne SEO, we create the best websites to deliver the best results

Link Building

Link building entails the building of relationships with other websites, ideally those related to your own business, and approving to have them include a link on their site. Every single website that connects to your site increases the search engine ranking of your business’ website and is referred to as Link Popularity. Ensuring you have a good number of reputable and related website links directing to your business’ site will see your website ranking climb to the No.1 spot.

Including valuable and informative website content that the huge online audience finds useful will see more links pointed in your direction. Every link is seen as a vote of confidence in Google’s eyes and demonstrates that the information, products or services your website provides, is worthy of a first page ranking.

SEO Analysis

Following the launch of your updated and enhanced website, we constantly analyse your website to understand and improve how your website is performing in the search engines. Through ongoing SEO analysis that includes monitoring and tweaking your Search Engine Optimization campaign, we can ensure the best results for you and your business. We work tirelessly to ensure a first page ranking and direct huge numbers of highly targeted online traffic to your website.

At Melbourne SEO, we won’t just leave you in the dark following the delivery of your new and improved website. We work alongside our clients, building long lasting business relationships to maximize your potential on the Internet. Our success can only be measure by yours, so you can rest assured we will provide the best online marketing service in Australia!

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If you’re looking for more information on how we can help your business develop a powerful presence on the Internet, feel free to contact our professional SEO Specialists at Melbourne SEO. We are Melbourne’s best online marketing company because we deliver the best results.